Cottage Colour

Cottage Colour artisan-designed silk couture is born out of an intricate, time-intensive process that involves many steps before reaching the Corona del Mar boutique space.


In Northeast Thailand domesticated silk worms (Bombyx mori) are cultivated in large bamboo wicker tray baskets.

the fibers

The silk is then harvested by heating the cocoons in boiling water that discolours and releases the silk fibers from the cocoons, which are then collected.

raw silk

The raw silk bundles are treated to a hydrogen peroxide bath to remove the yellowish hue. What remains is white or cream-coloured raw silk.

a dye

White (cream coloured) raw silk is subjected to a vat dye (synthetic or plant-based) treatment that results in vibrant, deep, rich, or pastel-like colouration of the fibers, and then is left to naturally air dry.

prepared for weaving

The dry and colour-dyed yarns are now spun to tease out individual silk threads that are then spooled, and prepared for weaving.


Warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) silk threads are now ready for shuttle-loom weaving. Skilled couture artisans can weave only up to a few inches per day for complicated patterns.

handcrafted silk couture

The lustrous sheen, and slight pattern unevenness in the woven fabric are the main characteristics common to handcrafted silk couture.


Cottage Colour offers the highest level of artisan-crafted couture. We are delighted to bring to these fabrics of impeccable comfort and elegance to coastal Southern California. Indulge and Find Your Colour.